The latest news regarding DartConnect TV

How to keep up with DCTV programming…

With more and more tournaments on DartConnect TV, it’s worth a moment to learn our pro tips for staying up to date on every upcoming can’t miss DCTV event.  Of course, the best way to make sure you never miss a match is with DCTV Fan Alerts, plus you can also follow us on Facebook & Twitter for timely updates.

Here’s some tips for keeping on top of “Must See DCTV”:

The DartConnect Homepage with DCTV Spotlights

The “Coming Soon” section provides a snapshot of the next few weeks with expanded details on top-featured competitions.

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New! League Division Standings on DCTV

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New League Feature Starting Fall 2018:

See Division Standings in Real Time!

Click the “Division Standings” button on your league’s DCTV Channel

Effortless rankings & high level stats for every team:

  • League standings are automatically updated when matches are saved
  • Team ’01 and Cricket averages provide competitive insights across divisions
  • Division averages provide benchmarks for the entire league
  • Match listing history completes the picture, with a link to every match report

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Viewer’s Guide to the 2018 PDC World Series of Darts


Schedule information and links for following the PDC World Series of Darts. Watch live scores and stats on DCTV or watch the live streamed event on BBC America or PDCTV-HD.

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