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Tis the season to check for updates!

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No matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, DartConnect has a surprise gift for all of our Premium Members!

Perform a “Check for Updates” the next time you’ve opened the scorekeeping app to update to version 2.0.34.

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Tablet Buyer’s Guide



Take advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday for the best deal on a new tablet for DartConnect.

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Behind the Scenes at the Australasian Championships


DartConnect’s global coverage continued to expand in a big way down under, with full Digital Steel support at the 2018 DPA Australasian Championships.  Over 200 players from New Zealand, Australia and all around the Oceania continent gathered in Warilla for over a week of intense competitions.  Fans around the world followed live scoreboards and stats from every match on the floor on DCTV.

Running the show at the Oceanic Masters:

Dale Frampton – Director, Dart Players New Zealand
Wayne Weene – Tournament Director
Rob Denny – Director, Dart Players Australia
Russ Bray – PDC Official & Master of Ceremonies
“Mission Control at the Warilla Bowl”
Monitoring Match Progress for Ladies and Men’s events while managing the brackets.

Complete Target Darts Prize List – 2018 Dart Counter Contest


2018 DartCounter Contest Sponsored by Target

2018 Total Dart Count:
185,396,360 darts


Rob Cross Autographed World Champion Package (Steel-Tip darts & World Championship Programme)


Hand-signed steel-tip darts from legendary Target players

Make every dart count…


DartConnect’s “Live Dart Counter” has been tracking the number of darts recorded during all DartConnect matches since 2016.  As the DC community continues to grow with new members, leagues, and tournaments worldwide, more darts are recorded every year. Read more

“Digital” Steel City Open debuts text alerts for Premium Members

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Pittsburgh’s Steel City Open tournament has been growing year to year since tournament director Bill East set out to revive the steel tip event for his region’s darting community.  From it’s humble beginning as a pub competition, the event has drawn increasing interest and is now held at the DoubleTree hotel at the Meadowlands Casino and Racing complex.   This year, Bill brought in DartConnect’s Digital Steel event management platform to take things to the next level.

In addition to Digital Steel’s player information features through DCTV, DartConnect has added free Text Message alerts for it’s Premium members.  Every player registered at the event can get free email alerts with their board assignment, but premum members can update their account profiles to get texts delivered directly to their mobile phone, helping make sure players always know where and when to report.

With board assignments and the full brackets available on anyone’s smart phone, and displayed on kiosks in the tournament hall, players have many different ways to know their status and the tournament staff are no longer burdened with players storming the control desk.  Second (and third) calls are minimized or virtually eliminated.

“Steel City Open with DartConnect Digital Steel is the best tournament experience I’ve ever had in over 20 years of playing darts. I always know when I’m up to play, I don’t have to handle and lose paper, I don’t have to report my scores and everything runs smooth and on time. Every tournament needs to be like this.” Luke Kollias, Cleveland Darter Club

With tablets on every board providing efficient and user-friendly scorekeeping, results are automatically reported back to the desk, where organizers keep everything moving with a click of the mouse.  Having the entire tournament electronically managed is invaluable for knowing the status of any match in progress and for quickly getting subsequent events up and running.  Players and staff can’t stop praising these improvements.

“No paper tickets is the best thing. Getting the results reported to the desk automatically instead of waiting for players to bring the paper back to the desk is amazing and keeps everything running so much faster.” Trish Grzesik, Top Ranked Canadian Player

If your event is looking for a paperless solution to long delays, confused players and a friendlier, modern event experience, look no further than Digital Steel.  Inquire today for your tournament or competition.


New! League Division Standings on DCTV

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New League Feature Starting Fall 2018:

See Division Standings in Real Time!

Click the “Division Standings” button on your league’s DCTV Channel

Effortless rankings & high level stats for every team:

  • League standings are automatically updated when matches are saved
  • Team ’01 and Cricket averages provide competitive insights across divisions
  • Division averages provide benchmarks for the entire league
  • Match listing history completes the picture, with a link to every match report

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DartConnect Talks to Tungsten Tales – Part 1 / 3

Tungsten Tales host, Chris “Mace the Ace” Mason, sits down with Founder David Macher for an in-depth look at DartConnect 

Part 1 of a 3-part series — in this episode you will learn:

  • The original inspiration behind the DartConnect app and the basic features of the entire platform
  • How DartConnect is much more than a scoring calculator
  • How DartConnect enhances league play with easier scorekeeping, faster matchplay, automated stats and more
  • BONUS!  Chris Mason’s favorite “hidden feature” for scoring 501

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Zonneveld: “…great for the people at home that they can follow matches with DartConnect”


Dutch player Niels Zonneveld won his third Development Tour Title with a victory in Wigan at 2018’s Dev Tour 4.

In this interview with Darts News, Zonneveld talks about his experiences on the Development tour and even a little bit about what he thinks about DartConnect:

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The Eagle Flies High in Charlotte – Butler Nails “Friday the 13th” 9-Dart 501 on his way to the World Masters

The most decorated player in US darts history, Larry “The Eagle” Butler, hit his second-ever 9-dart perfect 501 in competition at the 2018 ADO World Masters National Finals hosted by the Charlotte Open in North Carolina on Friday the 13th.

“My last perfect game in competition was at the PDC Player’s Championship 6 or 7 years ago,” recalled Butler, “Plus I’ve thrown a few in practice at home and at events like the Buckeye Open in my home state of Ohio.”

What’s going through your mind as your throwing a perfect 501?

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