2019 PDC Power Index – Top 501 Players in North America

Who’s got THE POWER?

The Power Index lists over 750 North Americans that have been identified by the PDC and DartConnect as candidates to compete at this summer’s World Series of Darts in Las Vegas!

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The PDC Power Index was created by the PDC and DartConnect to identify the top 501 players in North America. Using statistical data from a select group of major competitions, this special leaderboard combines 501 performances for players across Canada and the United States. Players appearing on this index have demonstrated enough skill to consider competing at this summer’s World Series of Darts.


Power Index Details:

  • Power Index Leaderboard – Basic Navigation Guide
  • The Power Index includes player performances from events across North America (see a complete list at the bottom of the Power Index page)
  • Events must have used DartConnect scorekeeping to qualify
  • The Power Index shows players with 3+ matches by default, to show all players, click the “Reset Filters” button at the top-right of the screen
  • Players must have a 3-dart average of 60+ Points-Per-Round (PPR) to be included
  • Scroll to the bottom of the leaderboard for a glossary of statistics and acronyms
  • Use available filters to narrow the player list
  • Use the “group players” feature to compare your favorite players
  • For more information about the PDC World Series in Las Vegas – Click Here

PDC in Vegas! 2019 World Series Guide


Breaking News!

Record-breaking number of entries for this year’s Vegas qualifiersRead More

 The World Series of Darts Festival Returns to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas – July 2-5, 2019

$180,000 USD Prize Fund!

What is the World Series of Darts? 

The PDC World Series of Darts is a 4-day festival of competitions featuring regional talent and the PDC’s world ranked players. Annual WSOD festivals take place all across the world including Dubai, Asia, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. The North America event is being held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 2-5, 2019.

New details for 2019!

  • The PDC events will be held from July 2-5 this year at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, beginning with two days of qualifiers ahead of the US Darts Masters and North American Championship.
  • Four qualifying events will be held across July 2-3 for players to win places in the two-stage events.
  • Update 20 May 2019 – Eligibility For Entry -The US Masters and North American Darts Championship is open to players over the age of 16 who hold a valid USA or Canada passport (regardless of residence in the USA or Canada) OR players who reside in the USA or Canada and have done so for a continuous period of three years immediately dating back from the day of the event. Residency is defined as having their main place of residence registered in the territory.

How to Register for the Qualifiers:

Qualifier Total Prize Fund: $60,000 USD

  • ALL PLAYERS (even if you participated last year) need to register their details with the NEW PDC Online Entry System – Click Here
  • Once you have registered and you receive an email to confirm that your account has been approved, you can enter the competition – Click Here

Start training today!


  • On sale now via www.axs.com– see below for more details on pricing and availability.

More Details:

  • Entry costs £70 per qualifier (approx $100 USD) and all events will be played under DRA Rules. Players can enter as many or few of the four Qualifiers as they wish.
  • Players who enter a  minimum of two (2) Qualifiers will receive two complimentary tickets to each session of the stage events on July 4-5.
  • Hotel accommodation at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino can be booked at the dedicated PDC group rate – Click Here
  • Players are not required to stay at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino but are welcome to take advantage of the booking rates via the link above.
  • The US Darts Masters will be held on July 4 & 5 (Midday start for both days), with the North American Championship being held on July 4 (6 pm start).
  • Full event information can be seen at the PDC Website – Click Here

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Glen Durrant: “there’s no hiding place with DartConnect…”

Despite Internet naysayers criticizing BDO World Champion Glen Durrant’s move to the PDC, saying it would expose him as unable to compete with the sport’s top players, Durrant has played brilliantly making finals in back to back pro tour weekends.

Glen Durrant talks about his form in winning the 2019 PDC Players Championship 4 in Wigan, UK:

…a lot of the guys are playing like that…now there’s no hiding place with DartConnect and every dart that you throw can showcase exactly what you’re doing…

DCTV Fan Alerts bring new intrigue to professional darts

, ,

DartConnect TV’s Free Fan Alerts provide fans around the world the perfect way to stay on top of their favorite player’s performances.

As the service grows, it is starting to provide an indication of popularity and fan interest.  Check out the Top 10 PDC Players from last weekend’s Players Championship Event 1, based on dart fans signing up to follow them on DartConnect TV.

The top position was not lost on the reigning BDO World Champion, Glen Durrant.  Hot on the heels of making the switch to play in the PDC, dart fans everywhere signed on to make sure they followed Durrant’s progress in his first attempt at the pro tour. Could he hold his own?  Would he find himself outmatched?

As the main man from what is considered the “minor leagues” of the BDO, he had much to prove that he belonged on the PDC stage.

Durrant lost in the opening round of Event 1, but stormed back the next day to make the finals of Event 2, losing out to an in-form Dave Chisnall, #9 on the Fan Follow rankings.

The notoriety was not lost on Durrant, as he mentioned he was fully aware of how many eyeballs were  on him in these recent articles from Darts News and Metro News:

Read the full article on Darts News

Read the full article on Metro News

Want to follow Glen Durrant’s journey on the PDC Pro Tour?

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Record-breaking FOUR perfect games recorded on DartConnect


The ridiculously high standard of darts by today’s professional players continues to astound fans and experts alike.  Opening weekend of the Professional Dart Corporation’s Players Championship Tour broke event records with FOUR perfect games of 501 thrown by four separate players on the second day alone!

Please see below DartConnect’s turn by turn details of each 9-dart perfect 501 with links to the respective match’s game details.

Dave Chisnall

Event 2 Winner – 92.95 Tournament Average

Geert Nentjes

Top 32 – 93.30 Tournament Average

Michael van Gerwen

Top 8 – 99.28 Tournament Average

Chris Dobey

Top 16 – 95.73 Tournament Average

UK Q-School by the numbers

Congratulations to all of the tour card winners in Wigan, United Kingdom.  See below for links to details from all four Q-School events, including complete results and finishes for every player, match reports, leaderboards, brackets and more.

Event 1

Tour Card Winner 1:
Harry Ward, England

Tournament Average: 93.8 DCA / 7 matches / 47 Legs / Event Rank: 7

Tour Card Winner 2:
Jamie Hughes, England

Tournament Average: 98.29 DCA / 8 matches / 54 Legs / Event Rank: 1

Read more

Relive every match from PDC European Q-School with DCTV

Congratulations to all of the tour card winners in Hildesheim, Germany.  See below for links to details from all four European Q-School events, including complete results and finishes for every player, match reports, leaderboards, brackets and more.

Event 1

Tour Card Winner:
Neils Zonnefeld

Tournament Average: 88.13 DCA / 8 matches / 60 Legs / Event Rank: 11

Read more

Exclusive PDC Q-School access with free DCTV fan alerts


2019 PDC Qualifying School

Dart players from around the world travel to Germany and the UK in January to compete for a professional tour card to become a member of the exclusive group of 128 players who compete throughout the year in the Player’s Championship Tour and European Player’s Tour.

During the 2018 Q-Schools, 33 players earned tour cards, determined by performance at these two events.

The PDC and DartConnect will be providing live scoreboards on DartConnect TV for every match of this dramatic competition.

“What is a Tour Card” and “Why Q-School”?

Q-School – Europe
03-06 January 2019 – Hildesheim, Germany

Q-School – United Kingdom
17-20 January 2019 – Wigan, UK Read more

DartConnect Scouting Report – North Americans at the PDC World Championship

Can North America Compete with the world’s best?

By any measure, it’s a tall order for an outsider to win the World Championship against any of Europe’s top professionals, who benefit from world-class competition all year long, but the gap is closing.

Armed with a legitimate professional tour in the Championship Darts Circuit, North American players have seen their averages rise in tune with increased opportunities, providing optimism for now and the future.

Each North American has shown the mettle and skill to be highly competitive — it will come down to stage experience and a fair bit of luck for these underdogs to pull off an upset and make history, but the thrill is in the chase!

How to watch the PDC World Championships

Meet the players!


 DartConnect Member #8565

Chuck is playing the third match in the afternoon session on 18 December.

Scouting Report:  The lone representative from the United States, Massachusetts native Chuck Puleo qualified for the World Championships by taking the #1 ranking spot in the Championship Darts Circuit, barely edging out Darin Young by defeating this year’s BDO Lakeside qualifier for the USA, Jim Widmayer, on the final day of the tour.

Known for high scoring and stone-faced composure, Chuck faces off against one of the PDC’s rising stars, Dimitri vanden Bergh, ranked 35th in the world and back-to-back World Youth Champion.

Dimitri has thrown a perfect 9-dart game in a televised tournament this year and is perhaps the toughest draw for the North Americans.

Chuck loses his debut at Ally Pally 3-0 to Dimitri, now setting his sights on next year and a possible visit to PDC Q-School in January.

See Chuck Puleo’s performances on the CDC 2018 Tour Leaderboard

Chuck’s last 25 matches on the CDC Tour:

Chuck Puleo – Match Highlights:

  • CDC 2018 Main Event #4 Top 16 – Chuck defeats Nick Linberg with his highest recorded tour match average: 104.4 DCA – View Match Report
  • CDC 2018 Main Event #10 Semifinals – Chuck throws a 94 DCA to hold off Gary Mawson’s surging comeback midway through the match – View Match Report
  • CDC 2018 Main Event #9 Semifinals – Chuck narrowly loses to 3X World Champion John Part with a 94.2 DCA – View Match

JIM LONG – Canada

 DartConnect Member #9499

Jim is playing the second match in the morning session on 15 December.

Scouting Report: Canada’s Jim Long has been well known throughout his home of Ontario, but before this past year had not committed himself to play darts seriously or professionally.

All that changed as Jim burst onto the CDC scene, traveling to tour stops around the continent and consistently finishing deep into each competition, securing his place at the World Championships as CDC’s top-ranked Canadian.

Jim has earned a first-round matchup vs veteran Irish professional, Mickey Mansell, ranked 63rd in the world.  This is Mansell’s fourth appearance on the Ally Pally stage, but he has yet to make it out of the first round and likely banking on a turn of fortune against newcomer Long.

The most successful of the three North America players, Jim Long puts up a tremendous fight, but loses the 2nd round overtime battle to Benito van de Pas 3-2.

See Jim Long’s performances on the CDC 2018 Tour Leaderboard

Jim’s last 25 matches on the CDC Tour:

Jim Long – Match Highlights:

  • CDC 2018 Main Event #8 Qrtrfinals – Jim defeats Gary Mawson with his highest recorded tour match average: 97.8 DCA – View Match Report
  • CDC 2018 Main Event #2 Finals – Jim narrowly loses out to Chuck Puleo in his only finals appearance of the 2018 tour  – View Match Report
  • CDC 2018 Main Event #8 Semifinals – Another of Jim’s five tour semifinal appearances, Jim falls again to eventual winner Chuck Puleo with an 86.1 DCA – View Match


DartConnect Member #99

Jeff is playing the third match in the morning session on 15 December.

Scouting Report:  No stranger to World Championships, Jeff Smith is one of the most experienced North Americans when it comes to international competition and earned his spot by winning the PDC’s North American Championship last July in Las Vegas.

Having played at Ally Pally last December, one year after losing in the finals of the 2017 BDO World Professional Championship at Lakeside, Jeff knows full well how to prepare, and succeed, against the world’s best players.

He will need to draw on his deep experience to overcome his first opponent, former youth star Josh Payne, currently the 53rd ranked player in the world.  Josh has garnered recent successes on the PDC tour in 2018 and has beaten many top-ranked players throughout the year, now hoping to add Mr. Smith to his hit list.

After winning the first set, Jeff falls to Josh 3-1 and will now focus on attending PDC Q-School in January.

See Jeff Smith’s performances on the PDC 2018 North American Power Index

Jeff’s last 25 matches on the PDC North American Power Index:

Jeff Smith – Match Highlights:

  • PDC North American Championship Finals – Jeff Smith defeats fellow Canadian John Norman, Jr. in Las Vegas to earn his spot in the World Championship – View Match Report
  • PDC 2018  World Series Qualifier 3 Finals – This is the match that sent Jeff on his path to Ally Pally qualification, defeating his friend and BDO Lakeside participant, David Cameron with a 94.3 DCA – View Match Report
  • Seacoast Open 2017 501 Finals – Jeff defeats Darin Young with a 93.4 DCA to take the 501 singles title at this annual New England major event – View Match Report