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Welcome to Digital Steel 3.0!

Special thanks to the ongoing feedback of all tournament organizers and our DS 3.0 Beta Testers. The latest version introduces AutoPilot, providing event staff with the option of automatically assigning boards and accepting results, while providing the controls necessary to restrict individual rounds and matches while respecting players participating in concurrent events!

Please review the instructions, help and hints on this page before reaching out to us. As always, feedback, suggestions and bug reports are welcome! We will be working on DS 4.0 before you know it!

— The DartConnect Team

EMT (Event Manager Tabs)

  • Updated control panel with expanded status info, help guide and automation controls
  • See the dedicated sections in the Help Tab for guidance
  • Pro Tip:  Drag the slider bar to resize the EMT to make text or images more readable

Auto Pilot [Learn More]

  • Auto-Accept and Auto-Assign can be used independently or activated together to enable full Auto Pilot mode.
  • Match and Round Pause allow you to coordinate timing and progress of the bracket
  • Note: Automation features are optional. Staff may instead choose to assign boards and accept results manually

Match Results [Learn More]

  • Results now appear in the Results Tab instead of popup messages
  • Tab displays number of pending results
  • Audible “reminder chime” will signal every 60 seconds when results are waiting
  • Pro Tip:  If the Results tab is open, the chime will not sound

Managing Boards [Learn More]

  • Reserve specific boards for auto assignment for specific events (events can share boards using manual assignment)
  • NEW! Designate and label “Special Boards” for special match types such as finals stage or streaming

      Automatic Player Holds [Learn More]

      • NEW! If a player is active in a prior event, their matches in the subsequent event will be automatically paused, preventing a board from being assigned
      • When the player is eliminated in the prior event, the pause will be automatically lifted

        List View

        • Click the round header to switch to List View
        • List view collapses the bracket and hides completed matches
        • Pro Tip:  Use list view to quickly see the status of any round’s remaining matches

        Use this form to:

        • Report a bug
        • Describe a problem
        • Submit a suggestion

        DO NOT use this form for urgent issues that require immediate attention.

        For emergencies, first check the “SOS” section of this Help Tab to see if a solution is available.  If needed, send an email to to alert DartConnect that you need urgent assistance.

        Digital Steel Customer Report


        Don’t panic!  Fix the most common emergency issues with these step-by-step instructions.

        If the WiFi network is experiencing low bandwidth, system performance may be affected.

        Test Your Network Speed With

        Tips for resolving network problems:

        • If possible, set up private, password-protected network access that is not available to the public
        • Use cell service “Hot Spots” to connect control desk devices separately from scoring tablets

        For additional help information:

        Understanding the Importance of a Quality WiFi network to support your DartConnect Competition (coming soon)

        Are you experiencing any of the following?

        • Bracket Program & Master Player List Are Not Behaving Normally:
          • Page is unresponsive
          • Page will not load fully, main section is “blank”
          • Page refreshes continuously on its own
          • Screen freezes when accepting results or other actions
          • Will not allow me to type in or edit a field (Player Editing or Score Editing)
          • Other performance issues

        Your Chrome Browser may be using an “extension” that is interfering with Digital Steel.

        To resolve, try one of the following:

        1. Turn off all of your Chrome extensions
        2. OR – Open the bracket program in an “Incognito Tab” (see picture below)
        3. Try a different browser such as Firefox or MS Edge

        Digital Steel allows you to make the following types of player changes:

        • Adding a player by replacing a BYE
        • Swapping a player with a different player
        • Removing a player and replacing them with a BYE

        This is most commonly done to accommodate a late entry or to add someone that was left out of the draw.  For team games (pairs, triples & quads), you can swap individual players or all players on a team.

        NOTE: This can only be done if the participants have not yet played any matches in the event.

        How to use the “Switch Player” tool

        For KNOCKOUT Brackets:
        (This works for singles events AND team events; for team events, you can swap out one or more players on a team)

        1. Click on the match you want to change to open the match card (Tip: Click on Player Names).
        2. Next go to Advanced Options and click “View.”
        3. Click “Confirm” for the “Switch Player” option and confirm which player you want to change.
        4. Type in the search box or scroll through the player list to find the new player you wish to add, or select “Bye” instead.
        5. Click “Confirm” to complete the change.
        6. If the new player has not checked in, add them to the Master Roster and then refresh the bracket program to update the available player list
        7. The bracket page will now auto-refresh to reflect the change
        8. If screen appears stuck, refresh the page and check the bracket to see if new player is listed, if not, try again

        If for any reason a re-draw is required, use the “Re-Draw Event” tool to reset the competition. This will delete any matches that have already been played.

        How to Redraw the Bracket:

        The event will return to the state just before the draw was done, with the event’s player roster intact, available for editing the player list or recreating the competition.

        • Open the Tools Menu and select “Re-Draw Event”
        • Type the code displayed on screen into the field below it to confirm you wish to redraw
        • Click “Re-Draw Event” button
        • Event will return to state prior to drawing bracket, player changes can be made if needed
        • Once complete you will be returned to the Event Hub
        • Select the event and go to “Edit Player List” to make a change or “Create Bracket” to re-create the competition.

        To Change A Score:

        • To manually edit a score, click on the completed match to open the match card (Tip: Click on Player Names)
        • Click on the score field to manually enter a score
        • Enter a higher score for the player that advances to the next round
        • If the match needs to be replayed, use the “Reset Match” tool:

        To Reset a Match:

        For Knockout Brackets:

        1. In the bracket, click on the completed match to open the match card (Tip: Click on Player Names)
        2. On the match card, select Advanced Options > View
        3. For “Reset Match” click “Confirm”
        4. This match will now be reset, the score will be deleted and players/teams will be reactivated to play the match.
        5. If a board is assigned, the match will automatically be resent to the tablet match listing as available to play.  If you do not wish to replay the match, you can manually enter the score instead.

          Match Formats and Round Modifiers (round-specific leg counts) can be reviewed and edited at any point during the competition.

          After making changes, re-enter the board # on any tablet to update the scoring app with the new format.

          Open the Tools Menu to Edit Match Format or Round Modifiers:

          • VIEW/EDIT MATCH FORMAT will allow the following changes:
            • Number of Sets and Minimum Number of Legs
            • Switch between “Best Of” and “Play All” legs and/or sets
            • Starting rules (Bull Up/Cork, Alternate, etc) for sets and/or legs, including any “Deciding Leg” and/or “Deciding Set” (tie-breaker leg)
            • Option to change game between legs or sets (shows game menu to allow game switching for formats such as “Chicago” and “501-Cricket-Choice)
          • VIEW/EDIT ROUND MODIFIERS will allow changes to:
            • Number of legs played for specific rounds
            • Marking rounds as a “Money Round”


          After making a change, do the following to update the scoring app before the next match is played:

          • Re-enter the board # on the scorekeeping device to update settings
          • On the “Select Starter” screen, examine the black buttons to confirm updated leg count
          • If the count is still incorrect, tap the black button to modify it

          Reasons to use this feature:

          • The wrong information was entered when setting up the bracket
          • The event is running late and we want to shorten the format

          First, check the following:

          • Double-check that the board has been assigned in the bracket program
          • Check that the tablet is successfully connected to WiFi and has an Internet connection, if disconnected, connect tablet and try again to update match list
          • Try to resolve above issues before resorting to manual match creation

          If necessary, create the match manually – FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

          1. On the match list screen, click “Create an Event Match”
          2. Pick the correct event from event menu
          3. Select game from game menu, player roster will now open
          4. Select players from roster – there are duplicate player lists on the left and right.  Pick one player/team from the list on left, then pick opponent from list on right.
          5. Click green “Cork for Start” button
          6. Pick the # of legs for this match if prompted
          7. Now play match as usual


          • Before selecting players from the player list, HOST player must tap the “Connect” Button, generate a connect code and communicate it to their opponent.
          • Opponent taps “Play Online” from the APP WELCOME SCREEN, then selects “Join Game” and enters the connect code.
          • Host player will select which player shoots first and also save the match when finished.


          • You should still receive the match result automatically, if results do not appear in the bracket program, refer to DCTV or have players report winner and score to event staff
          • On DCTV, this match will appear at the bottom of match results list under “Other Matches”

          In the scoring app, after a match is selected to play, you will see one of the following GREEN buttons depending on the Tournament Setting selected when first opening the tournament software:

          • Play (for in-person matches)
          • Play Online (for online)
          • Both Play and Play Online (for tournaments that allow both)

          If the scoring app is incorrectly set to play matches online or in-Person, do the following to update the tournament setting for either mode:

          • Exit to the Event Hub and open the Tools Menu
          • Select “Advanced Tools”:
          • On the Advanced Tools menu, select “Edit Tournament Setup”:
          • This will return you to the Tournament Setup Wizard where you can re-select the type of format you want, select “In-Person,” “Online” or “Mixed”
          • To update the app with the new setting, re-enter the board # on the scorekeeping device

          How to Use Auto-Pilot

          Don’t be chained to the control desk!  Automate accepting match results, assigning boards to new matches or BOTH!

          Auto-Accept and Auto-Assign can be used independently or activated together to enable full Auto Pilot mode.

          When Auto Pilot is active, the bracket will update automatically unless there are matches or rounds on pause. 

          Some results must always be managed manually (See Forfeits & Disqualifications)

          Use in conjunction with Match Pause and Round Pause to control the overall progress of the competition.

          • Note: Automation features are optional. Staff may instead choose to assign boards and accept results manually

          Watch Video (coming soon)

          Pro Tip: Using Auto Pilot will keep the tournament progressing without delays and with fewer staff. Bracket operators may now be free to play in the event without needing to manually record results.

          Note: Auto Pilot display will show a dynamic message indicating the current status or reason why boards can not be auto assigned.

          Example: “All Available Matches are Paused”

          Turn on Auto-Accept to automatically accept any blue match results as they appear. This will record the match score and advance the winner to the next round.

          Note: Some results must always be managed manually (See Forfeits & Disqualifications)

          Pro Tip: Use Auto Accept to quickly process a large queue of match results instead of accepting them one-by-one.

          Turn on Auto-Assign to automatically assign boards from the event’s reserved board pool. Boards will be assigned to new matches as soon as two opponents are listed, with the following exceptions:

          • There are no boards available
          • One or more opponents are on “Hold”
          • The match or round is paused
          • The only available board is one that one or more of the opponents has played on in their prior match

          Pro Tip: Use Auto-Assign for the first round to expedite the start of competition and/or when you have a large list of matches waiting for a board.

          Note: Auto Pilot display will show a dynamic message indicating the current status or reason why boards can not be auto assigned.

          Example: “All Available Matches are Paused”

          Managing Tournament Boards

          Reserve boards for events, control which boards are used for Auto-Assignment and more.

          Why Use Special Boards?

          • “Special Boards” are for special match types, such as stage finals or live streamed matches
          • These boards will be permanently excluded from Auto Assignment
          • If needed, these boards can be manually assigned to a match, but will return to “Special” status after the match is complete
          • Manage “Special Boards” using the Event Board Manager

          Pro Tip: Add a descriptive label to Special Boards, such as “Semis,” “Finals Stage” or “Streaming”.

          Use this option to add more boards at any time to the overall tournament.

          Boards can not be deleted but can be set as “inactive” to prevent use in the Event Board Manager.

          Watch Video (coming soon)

          Use this option to assign which tournament boards are available for this event. This provides a visual reference for staff when manually assigning boards.

          When engaging Auto Pilot, this designates which boards are assigned automatically. Staff can override and manually assign any tournament board to any event as needed.

          Watch Video (coming soon)

          This will remove boards from this event’s reserved pool. Any boards currently assigned to a match will have to be removed manually after the match is complete.

          This option provides an overview of all boards and their status, and allows you to:

          • Add more boards to the tournament
          • Reserve or unreserve boards for events
          • Set boards as active or inactive
          • Mark board(s) as “Special” or Remove “Special” Status
          • Reset a board (use if a board is “stuck” and can’t be unassigned from a match or event)

          Watch Video (coming soon)

          Pausing Matches & Rounds

          When using Auto Pilot, the Pause Function enables operators to restrict which rounds and matches receive automatic board assignments, providing the perfect balance of tournament speed and control.

          Paused Rounds will be labeled in the round header:

          Select any round to pause automatic board assignments for that round and all later rounds. Staff can cancel pauses for individual rounds or pause/unpause all rounds at any time.

          Matches from paused rounds will be unpaused when the round pause is lifted and can not be unpaused individually.

          Pro Tip: Pause rounds to prevent one section of a bracket from getting too far ahead of another section. Ex: coordinating the start of semis/finals or live streaming.

          Why Pause Individual Matches?

          • Exclude a specific match from board Auto Assignment
          • To slow down a specific section of the bracket without affecting other matches in the same round
          • To reserve a match for “Special Board” assignment

          Note: A match can not be paused if it has a board assignment. Unassign the board to enable pausing.

          Pause any individual match by clicking on the match listing and selecting Advanced Options > View.

          Pauses can be canceled from the Match Pause list:

          If these matches are in a paused round, the pause will remain until manually cancelled, even if the round pause is lifted.

          For events running concurrently, players that are active in a previous event will have their matches automatically paused in subsequent events. When the player becomes available, the pause will be automatically lifted.

          “Player Hold” match listing:

          Players who are playing in a previous event appear in RED TEXT on the match listing.

          Watch Video (coming soon)

          Pauses can be canceled from the Match Pause list:

          Note: Automatic player holds are not enabled if you are using an “Advanced” bracket with the “Board Groups” feature.

          Managing Match Results

          Receive scores and results automatically to update the competition without delays or relying on players to report.

          All matches played in the scoring app will report results automatically.

          Match results will appear once matches are completed and saved on the scoring device. If a result does not appear, make sure WiFi is connected.

          If Auto Accept is not enabled, the tab will display the number of pending results and an audible reminder will signal every 60 seconds until results are accepted.  The chime will not sound if the results tab is active.

          Watch Video (coming soon)

          Pro Tip:  A match result can be reset by clicking on the match listing and selecting Advanced Options > View.

          Resetting the match will remove the score and return the winning player to this match. The match will then be relisted in the tablet match list for play or a score can be manually entered. See the SOS help section for detailed instructions.

          Match Reset – Detailed Instructions

          Blue Match Results – Indicates a completed match. Accepting the result will record the score and advance the winner in the bracket. 

          These results will be excluded from Auto-Accept and must be manually accepted, providing time for an official ruling.

          If you accept the forfeit or DQ, the score will be entered as “W-F” for forfeits and “W-D” for disqualifications.

          Select “Reset Match” to make this match available to play again or for manual score entry.

          For information on additional types of messages, see “Other Results Messages“.

          Below are additional messages that may appear in the Results section.

          These results will be excluded from Auto-Accept and must be manually accepted, providing time for an official ruling.

          Possible Score Update:

          Score updates may occur if you’ve manually entered a match score and the match is then completed on a scoring device that submits a new result.  Click “Update Result” to replace the existing score, or select “Keep Current Result” to dismiss this message with no change.

          Problem Detected:

          If there is an issue with a match result, you may receive this message. This may require you to investigate by asking the players involved to report the match winner and final score for manual entry.  Check DCTV for a match score and link to the match report.


          Double Forfeit:

          Double Disqualification:

          How to Manually Record a Match Score

          1. Click either player’s name on the match listing to open the match card.
          2. Enter the match scores, giving the winner a higher score
          3. Winner will be advanced to the next round
          4. To undo this, use the Reset Match tool under “Advanced Options”

          Match Card Score Entry: