Tis the season to check for updates!

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No matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, DartConnect has a surprise gift for all of our Premium Members!

Perform a “Check for Updates” the next time you’ve opened the scorekeeping app to update to version 2.0.34.

On the Welcome Screen, notice anything different?

We won’t ruin the surprise of what’s in store and let you explore the new features and give them some play.  This is one of the most user-requested features since the app was first introduced and we’re excited to finally be able to introduce it.

In addition to the new menu feature, this update also contains minor bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Updated and improved log-in process
  • Repaired player library bug preventing players from being highlighted for deletion
  • Repaired bug preventing manual entry for # of legs for a set
  • Added practice match timer reset for tournaments
  • Additional cleanup and optimization

Be a DartConnect bug hunter! 

If you experience anything in the app that you think isn’t right (low averages don’t count), tap the round counter at the top of the screen to submit an official bug report.  Then send us an email at support@dartconnect.com to let us know what you’ve discovered.