Streamlined on-line play & more – update the app now!

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Apply updates before playing your next match!

This update comes with the following improvements:

  • New Welcome Screen Menu Layout
  • Streamlined access to on-line play features
  • Bolstered capacity for on-line match activity

New Streamlined Navigation:

  • Select Play On-Line from the Welcome Menu to jump immediately into an on-line match:

  • Set up Quick Play or a Custom Match with the Play button:

    Temporary Limit for On-line Match Play

    No Limit to In-Person or Computer Play

    Please see our updated tutorials and best practices:

    Be a DartConnect bug hunter! 

    If you experience anything in the app that you think isn’t right (low averages don’t count), tap the round counter at the top of the screen to submit an official bug report.  Then send us an email at to let us know what you’ve discovered.

    Describe the bug as best you can, then submit: