DartConnect’s Role in the Future of Darts


“Get More People, to Play More Darts, More Often”

– The DartConnect Mission Statement

A special message from the founder of DartConnect

Since our official launch in February 2013, our goal has been to make the game of steel-tip darts more accessible to everyone.

While there can be competing agendas within the sport, we believe the true challenge for darts lies in the multitude of activities that compete for consumer’s time and mindshare. Never in history have there been so many entertainment and sporting options.

However, if we achieve our Mission Statement, EVERYONE benefits, including:

  • Governing Bodies
  • Amateur Leagues & Tournaments
  • The Professional Game
  • Equipment Manufacturers & Retailers
  • And Most Importantly: Current and Future Players

We stand committed to providing the highest level of service and product innovation to anyone who is willing to make the effort to run a competition, volunteer for a board position, or simply promote the game at their local pub. DartConnect does not engage in exclusive league/tournament service agreements with any organization.

By connecting people through the game of darts, we create a growing community that is capable of great things, including raising over $15,500 USD for those affected by the current health crisis. We invite every organization to contact us to discuss how we can collaborate to grow the sport and be well positioned for the post-pandemic world, when in-person competition resumes.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to explore our evolving online options as a means of keeping the community connected.

Stay safe,

David Macher
CEO & Founder