2020 DartConnect League Survey Executive Summary

The current Covid-19 pandemic has brought our favorite sport to a halt, canceling league seasons and tournaments in every corner of the world.

To create conversations and share creative strategies and solutions for securing the future of steel tip darts, DartConnect conducted a survey of its member leagues. While there are numerous painful challenges ahead, there are also many opportunities for leagues to make strategic improvements that could pay future dividends.

DartConnect’s recent survey outlines the most common and severe issues facing steel-tip leagues as the traditional Fall and Winter seasons approach. DartConnect sought to answer the following questions:

  • When do leagues expect to be able to resume normal operation and what are their major concerns and obstacles?
  • What changes are being considered to cope with “social distancing” regulations?
  • What role does online competition and other alternatives play in keeping leagues relevant and engaged with members?

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About the Report Author

Gregg Tong has over 25 years experience as a player, league administrator and tournament director. He served 12 years on the board of Minute Man Dart League, the world’s largest steel tip league, and helped found the DoubleCork National Singles League in 2005. He was a tournament director from 2012-2019 for the Witch City Open and has worked with hundreds of tournaments and leagues in the USA and abroad. Currently, he is a principal and co-founder of DartConnect, helping organizations leverage technology to promote and unify the sport of darts around the world.