The Eagle Flies High in Charlotte – Butler Nails “Friday the 13th” 9-Dart 501 on his way to the World Masters

The most decorated player in US darts history, Larry “The Eagle” Butler, hit his second-ever 9-dart perfect 501 in competition at the 2018 ADO World Masters National Finals hosted by the Charlotte Open in North Carolina on Friday the 13th.

“My last perfect game in competition was at the PDC Player’s Championship 6 or 7 years ago,” recalled Butler, “Plus I’ve thrown a few in practice at home and at events like the Buckeye Open in my home state of Ohio.”

What’s going through your mind as your throwing a perfect 501?

“In this particular match vs Kuhn,” Butler reflects, “he was putting me under some tremendous pressure, his opening 3 shots of the match were 140, 100, 100, and he won that leg, so I was just trying not to fall behind and opened with a 180 in the next leg…then I hit another one.  I’m thinking I’m behind a leg and don’t want to lose another.”

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How do you combat the nerves for the finishing shot?

“You just don’t think about it.  Like I said, Kuhn was putting great pressure on me the whole way, so I knew I had to focus just to get the leg wins I need in the round robin where every leg counts.  So being much more focused on winning kept me from even thinking about the 9 darter.”

Larry continued his winning ways and earned his way to represent the United States at the 2018 World Masters in England next Fall.  Follow the Eagle’s progress throughout the year at any tournament featuring DartConnect.