Sky Sports Spotlights Online Darts Revolution

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Online darts participation is skyrocketing during the Covid-19 global lockdown, forcing amateurs and top professionals alike to the Internet to get their steel tip fix.

Sky Sports, who televises the lion’s share of professional event “majors” like the PDC World Championships, takes a closer look at how online darts is evolving.

From professionals seeking the fill the void of live sports entertainment to every day folk looking for a fun way to pass the time in isolation, Sky Sports’ Paul Prenderville explored the numbers with DartConnect founder, David Macher, who said:

“We initially saw a drop as there was so much uncertainty and leagues were suspending their seasons with tournaments and competitions were being rescheduled but now our volume is higher than ever.”

Average weekly numbers on the platform, which is also used by the PDC as its official scoring mechanism on the Pro Tour, are up from an approximate average of 6m darts thrown per week to a record 8.3m for last week’s action…

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