DPNA – Serious players only need apply…


Find a long-format 501 tour in your region or start one of your own!

The Dart Player tour program is spreading across North America, bringing you serious competition without the hassle and expense of traveling the country.


  • Regional Locations – Dart Player tours focus on regional venues within reasonable driving distance
  • Affordability – No flights, overnight drives or hotel stays means you don’t have to pay through the nose to fulfill your competitive itch
  • Choice of Events – Events are spread out monthly with the full tour published in advance so you can plan ahead to attend
  • Pro-Style Format – Experience long format 501  matches you’ve seen on TV played by top professionals
  • Technology-Driven – Events are run on the DartConnect Digital Steel system, the same system used today at PDC tournaments for an unmatched professional player-experience

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Dart Players Los Angeles Ranked #1 Region by DCA

Dart Player 2018 Event Averages

Check out the relative group DCA from each completed 2018 DP regional event:

DP Los Angeles – Event 1 – 71.0

DP Chicago – Event 1 – 65.8

DP New York – Event 2 – 64.5

DP New England – Event 1 – 64.2

DP Chicago – Event 2 – 64.1

DP New York – Event 3 –  63.3

DP New York – Event 1 – 63.1

DP NorCal – Event 1 – 62.2

DP Colorado – Event 1 – 62.1

DP Colorado – Event 2 – 57.1

Dart Players North America Leaderboard

Compare Player Stats from Across all DP Regions:

Dart Players North America - Leaderboard



Dart Player’s New England Joins the DPNA Revolution

Event 1: Bruce Robbins tops the sold out 48-Player Field at the Beverly Franco in Massachusetts

Long format 501 is now full swing in New England as DPNE launched its first Dart Player tour event on April 21, 2018.  Along with the other DP regions, New England now rounds out the DPNA leaderboard combining player rankings from every DP program using the DartConnect platform. Read more

2018 PDC Power Index: Top 501 Players in North America


How do you compare to North America’s best?

The Power Index lists over 600 North Americans that have been identified by the PDC and DartConnect as having the ability to compete at this summer’s World Series of Darts in Las Vegas!

The PDC Power Index was created by the PDC and DartConnect to identify the top 501 players in North America. Using statistical data from a select group of major competitions, this special leaderboard combines 501 performances for players across Canada and the United States. Players appearing on this index have demonstrated enough skill to consider competing at this summer’s World Series of Darts.