Attn: UK Amateur Dart Players


To: UK Amateur Super League and County Players

Monday 20 July 2020

A message from the founder of DartConnect:

For the last several years we have enjoyed working with the PDC, making floor matches available to fans and friends around the world. Our recent experience with the WDF at the World Cup in Romania, various European competitions and the Scottish Open had us looking forward to the Welsh Open and beyond.

Then the current health crisis disrupted the game of darts everywhere.

This appears to have also contributed to the uncertainty of the future of County and Super League play in the UK. Our mission is to make the game more accessible to everyone and we are ready to accommodate all levels of play, in whatever capacity is appropriate. We fully respect and support whatever direction the counties and players elect for the future of UK darts.

We will enter into formal conversations with the organization(s) that are selected to represent the future of UK darts. As always, DartConnect is open to discussing opportunities that involve system integration and data sharing. In the meantime, to learn more about the DartConnect services and pricing, please visit

We look forward to returning to in-person darts as quickly and safely as possible.

David Macher
CEO and Founder