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2018 Live Dart Counter

Happy Dart Year!!!

DartConnect finished 2017 GMT with over 108 Million Darts, eclipsing 2016 by more than 45 Million. Thanks for all the support, and shoot well in 2018!


Leave the Chalk & Calculator at Home!

  • Effortless Scorekeeping
  • Eliminate Math Errors
  • Faster Match Play


Don’t rely on misleading win/loss records!

DartConnect will show you how well you really played with automated performance tracking.

  • Instant In-Game Stats
  • Comprehensive Match Reports
  • Player Performance Leaderboards


Play anyone, anytime. Your connections will grow as you play at home, the pub, at events and league night. DartConnect will effortlessly track win/loss records and performance history, without any additional effort on your part.

2018 Live Dart Counter

More Players. More Darts. More Often.

Compete Online

Can’t make it to the pub?

  • Compete online and play against friends anywhere and anytime.
  • Premium members can invite guests to play for free.
  • Connect with distant friends for a quick match or a serious practice session.

vs. DartConnect

Need a sparring partner?

  • Select a challenge level and play against DartConnect.
  • Adaptive Play” will enable DartConnect to adjust to your level of play for each leg.
  • Computer can simulate timing of a real player or you can adjust for no delay.


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League Services

Let DartConnect do the heavy lifting while providing the tools to promote league play. Tracking stats has never been easier.

  • Division rosters appear on every team’s device
  • Players receive electronic match reports
  • League leaderboards update automatically
  • Dramatically reduce statistic tracking
  • Fans can follow league matches on DCTV!

Tournament Services

Whether running a weekly blind draw or a major sanctioned event, DartConnect will promote your event, enhance the player experience and keep your event running on time.

  • Participants receive electronic match reports
  • Automatic performance leaderboards
  • DartConnect TV broadcasts your event for all to see