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” The new scheduling feature is absolutely fantastic! Setting up multiple divisions, with multiple teams out of single board bars was quick and painless. What normally takes a couple of hours, took about 2 minutes. BRAVO!!!”

“…I love the direction that DC has been moving…the all-in-one solution for league management.”

“…all of the additional features you have added to make it a full-fledged league utility have really elevated your product to a whole new level that I whole-heartedly recommend to everyone. Keep up the great work!”

” …We’d love to use the scheduler…you guys are revolutionizing league play.”

“I found scheduling my league pretty easy considering I am a novice to DC…”

“…the interface is super easy to use, I added 22 sponsoring venues for our league in just minutes!”

“The schedule generator was easy to use. “

“Just wanted to let you know how awesome the scheduling feature is. It saved us a ton of time and headaches. I have to say, I was shocked when it generated a schedule in seconds without conflicts.”

“…the scheduling fixtures is brilliant, the whole system is going great at the minute. I would normally spend 3 to 4 hours a week organizing fixtures and setting up schedules, now I just go into venue you switch on the tablets login and away we go.. would highly recommend anybody setting up League team or singles go ahead and give DartConnect a go… “

“The scheduling tool was EXTREMELY easy to work with….”

“…the scheduling tool is awesome. I had a spreadsheet that checked venues not being over-allocated, and balancing home/away games (and a lot of trial and error/manual draw changes to make it all work). DartConnect seems to be able to do this in seconds!”

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Follow Pros, Leagues & Events in Real Time.

DartConnect TV

Follow Pros, Leagues & Events in Real Time.