DartConnect ADO Qualifier Program

ADO Pays ALL DartConnect Fees!

  • Sending players to the Nationals? ADO will pay the entire Event Services fee for your qualifier!
  • Running qualifiers to send people to your National qualifier? You qualify for ADO’s fixed rate of $1/player (50% savings).

To get started, please send an email to DartConnect Event Services at events@dartconnect.com

Ready to jump right in?  Send us your event details by filling out the Event Request Form

Run your qualifiers using DartConnect’s Digital Steel tournament software!

Ask about enrolling in our FREE training program.

Learn how DartConnect can save you tremendous time and effort including:

  1. Setting up and organizing Round Robin Group Play
  2. Easier and more accurate scorekeeping using the DartConnect App
  3. Automated stats and results reporting
  4. All players will be included in the new National Performance Leaderboards!

BONUS for Player-Organizers: If you also participate in the qualifiers, DartConnect will automatically update match results while you play, so the event will continue to progress without having to wait until you are free!

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