Beginner Accessible. Pro Driven.

New to Darts?

The first step is to master the mechanics of a consistent throw. DartConnect simplifies the scoring and strategy, so you can focus on this critical step.

  • Use the integrated calculator functions to record your turn.

  • Activate the optional suggested checkouts to learn the pro finishes for ’01 games.

Are You Experienced?

Ready to take your game to the next level? Utilize DartConnect to spend less time scoring and tracking!

  • Know your Dart Math? Use the keypad or quick keys for one-touch scoring.

  • Dedicated double and triple buttons speed up scoring while providing expanded insights, including your Missed Dart % and Triple Accuracy.

Performance Feedback

In-Game Stats

DartConnect keeps you appraised of your performance throughout the match.

Match Summary

Review the high level match stats before you even put away your darts.

Comprehensive Player Analysis

How Did You Really Do?

  • Match Overview
  • Review Every Turn
  • Performance Breakdown
  • Performance Ranking
  • Performance Graphs

What’s Your DCA?

Your DartConnect Average


At a glance, know your three month activity and three dart averages for ’01 and Cricket


Points Per Round (PPR)
The average points thrown per turn when playing 01.

Marks Per Round (MPR)
The average marks thrown per turn when playing Cricket.

My Leaderboard

Every DartConnect membership includes a Personal Leaderboard to track your win/loss records with friends and rivals in the DartConnect Community.


With a clear understanding of relative skill levels, practice matches and Handicap Leagues can utilize this option to enable both participants an equal opportunity to work on their finishing and game shots.

  • Adjust starting scores for ’01 Games
  • Apply marks to targets for Cricket Games

A great way to level the playing field with friends, family and aspiring players

DartConnect TV

Know Someone Who Likes to Watch?

DCTV provides dedicated channels so friends, fans and rivals can follow the action at events and leagues.

  • Bookmark DCTV or add it to your home screen (Apple, Android), so you can check in anytime
  • Follow @DartConnect on Twitter for additional information and notification of key matches

No WiFi, No Problem!

The scoring application has been optimized to run offline, to ensure that you can use it anytime, anywhere. When you get home, all matches will be saved to the DartConnect platform, initiating the process of sending out player match reports and updating leaderboards.

Become a Premium Member for just $2/month and

Perfect Your Game!

2018 Live Dart Counter

Happy Dart Year!!!

DartConnect finished 2017 GMT with over 108 Million Darts, eclipsing 2016 by more than 45 Million. Thanks for all the support, and shoot well in 2018!


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