League Post Season Quick Guide

Ready for the Post Season?

Follow this overview of DartConnect’s Post Season features.

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Two Important Decisions Before You Can Create Your Post-Season:

Decision #1:

You will need to select one of three options for how you will set up and manage your playoffs:

  1. Live Brackets
  2. PS Match Scheduler
  3. Manual Match Setup

Learn which is right for your league: Click Here

The next time you open your Post Season page, you may see the following message – or go to “Season Settings” to change options:

Decision #2:

Choose between 2 options for team/player assignment :

  1. Division Mapping (Default)
  2. Manual Assignment

Learn which is right for your league: Click Here

You can change this option during Step 1: Edit PS Groups:

After you’ve selected a management option and team/player assignment method, continue with the following:

Basic Steps

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  1. Create Post Season Groups – Similar to setting up regular season divisions, create a PS Group for every playoff competition that you require (ex: “A Division Playoffs”, “Premier Cup Championship” or “Division B Shield (Consolation)”.
  2. Manage Eligibility (Optional) – DartConnect’s “Eligibility” tool helps you quickly identify which teams/players are allowed to play based on your league’s participation requirements.
  3. Confirm Eligible Teams/Players – Check and confirm the teams/players that qualify for Post Season playoffs.
    If using Manual Match Setup, after this step, you are ready to begin your post-season!
    If using the Live Bracket or Match Scheduler options, you must continue with the following additional steps:
  4. Create PS Matches – Create a knockout bracket or match schedule for each PS Group.  Instructions:  Live Bracket | PS Match Scheduler
  5. Run Optional Venue Report  (For Match Scheduler Option Only) – Identify and manage match schedule conflicts
  6. Send Player Notifications – Send email notifications to players with Post Season information, including an option for a custom message with your league’s specific details and announcements.

Helpful Links & Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to conduct a post season without scheduled matches: Click Here
  • The Live Bracket and PS Match Scheduler requires a league venue list. Create yours in just a few minutes: Learn How
  • What if my league’s format requires playing 2 playoff matches per round? Click Here

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