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Open to All U.S. and Canadian League Players

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Gregg Tong
Patriot Dart League
Sean Baker
Patriot Dart League
Richard Barrington-Hill
Patriot Dart League
David Macher
Patriot Dart League
MariJo Tinlin
Patriot Dart League

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If your league (North America only) uses DartConnect and you hit that weeks 8 Flight Checkout Number, you are automatically entered into a weekly drawing for the revolutionary 8 Flight and Shaft System.

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Receive a set of 8 Flight’s game-changing moulded flight & shaft system!

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If your league is run on the DartConnect Platform, you will automatically be entered into a Grand Prize drawing and Monthly drawings for the amazing prizes below.

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All League Players Can Win!

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October Winner

Michael Cutillo

League: Minute Man Dart League

September Winner

Dave Bernotas

League: Emerald City Dart Organization

August Winner

Cindy Todd

League: Philly Ladies – Flex

North American Fall League 8 Flight Contest Terms and Conditions

Player “Check Out Eligibility” Definition: For the 8 Flight Contest, DartConnect defines player “checkout eligibility” as any player who during their turn, wins an ’01 type game, where the required score of the winning round, equals the contest number listed for that week, with the final dart of the turn scoring in the outer double ring.

To clarify: The winning “dart” (first, second OR third) must contribute to a total turn score that matches the exact score required to win the leg. Should the points scored on the last dart exceed the points required to win the leg, all points scored during that turn are forfeited. This is commonly referred to as a “bust”. There are two special scoring situations that can also forfeit the points (“bust”) scored during the turn.

  1. When the total points scored, equals the points required, but the last dart did not land in the double ring
  2. If a player requires 2 points to win (double 1), and the score for the turn is “1” (or more). The only acceptable score in this situation is 2, or double 1, to win the game.

Weekly 8 Flight Prize Winners
The 8 Flight Check Out Contest is open to all league players who participate in a North American Dart League that utilizes DartConnect League Services during the contest period. Each week, players who win a leg, with a winning turn that matches the weekly check out number, will be aggregated into that week’s eligibility pool. Each Monday, DartConnect will randomly select 5 winners from the corresponding eligibility pool. A new pool is established each week, aggregating the players who qualify for that week’s check out number. A contest winner, is limited to winning one set of the 8 Flight system during the contest period.

Target Monthly & Grand Prize Winners
Once a month, DartConnect will draw from all players who participated in at least one league match during the contest period and randomly select a winner for the Monthly Target Prize. The player is not required to hit any of the weekly check out numbers. An individual is eligible for only one monthly award during the contest period. Every player with at least one league match during the contest period is eligible for the Target Grand Prize.

Award Notifications
DartConnect will post all winning players on their contest page at In addition, DartConnect will make the best effort to notify winning players by email, providing instructions for claiming the award. It is the player’s responsibility to review weekly winners and contact DartConnect directly should an email service provider fail to deliver the notification to the recipient’s inbox in a timely manner. Players will have 30 days to claim their prize, starting with the publication date on the contest page. Unclaimed prizes will remain the property of the contest sponsors, 8 Flight and A-Z Darts. All awards are fulfilled by A-Z Darts in California. Please allow two weeks from submission of claim form to receive awards.

Player Eligibility & Responsibility
Participating players must have a valid email registered with their league, to ensure player identity, award notification, and validation of award. Players should confirm with their league to ensure that they have a current email, or utilize the email validation tool, located on the contest page. Players are responsible for confirming if their qualifying leg was selected as one of the weekly winners published on the contest page. DartConnect will make the best effort to notify all winners by email as well.

League Eligibility
A league must utilize DartConnect’s League services for league play. League matches that are scored utilizing individual membership accounts are not eligible for this contest. The league must be in good standing with DartConnect League Services, including being current with all service fees. In the event of contest discrepancies, DartConnect retains the right to determine how to resolve any issue that may arise, in an amicable manner that preserves the spirit of the promotion and protects the contest sponsors.