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Are you a DartConnect Member? This is required to access the scoring application.

Follow these steps to start using the scoring application right away. After scoring a few games, review our advanced features to unleash the full potential of DartConnect.

Familiar with DartConnect?

Already throwing every week with DartConnect?  Don’t forget to take advantage of these additional features.

Advanced Match Features

  • Advanced Match Settings
  • Customize Your Experience
  • Understanding Match Reports

Managing Your Account

Visit the member’s website to do the following:

  • Renew or extend your membership
  • Change your password
  • Add an email address

Installing DartConnect & DCTV

Use a Compatible Browser

Compatible Browsers:

Chrome Browser
Android Devices & PC’s
Safari Browser
Apple Devices
Firefox Browser
Most Devices
Silk Browser
Amazon Silk
Kindle Fire HD
NOT Compatible: Microsoft Explorer and the native browser that comes with Android devices are not compatible to use with DartConnect – instead Download Chrome from the Google Play store. Other browsers have not been validated.

Private Browsing or “Incognito” mode:

Incognito ModePrivacy ModeMake sure your browser is not in privacy mode, “private browsing” or “incognito mode” – a privacy feature in some web browsers to disable browsing history and the web cache. This allows a person to browse the Web without storing local data that could be retrieved at a later date. Privacy mode will also disable the storage of data in cookies and Flash cookies. This privacy protection is only on the local computing device as it is still possible to identify frequented websites by associating the IP address at the web server.

Download the Scoring App

DartConnect is a full screen application powered by your browser.   The scoring app works on most tablets, smartphones and personal computers using Apple, Android and Windows platforms. It is NOT found in application stores – download it directly from DartConnect.

Save the App or DCTV to Your Home Screen - Apple (Safari)


Step 1: Click on the “Share” icon.


Step 2: Click “Add to Home Screen”

Save the App or DCTV to Your Home Screen - Android (Chrome)


Step 1: Click on the “Browser Settings” dots


Step 2: Click “Add to Home Screen”

Login to DartConnect

Step 1:  Tap on white box (STOP! screen) to reveal the login screen.

Step 2:  Provide your DartConnect Username & Password.  If you’ve forgotten your password it can be reset at the member site or from the login screen of the app.

Step 3:  Review helpful tips before getting started.

TIP: Once you log into DartConnect, there is no reason to log out, unless it is a public device (we strongly recommend you log out of public devices when finished).

Basic Match Setup

Step 1:

Select “PLAY” from the welcome screen.

Step 2:

Choose the game you wish to play.

Step 3:

Choose “Select Players” at bottom of screen.

Step 4:

Input new players with “Add Player

Step 5:

Select player(s) & tap green “Start” button.

Step 6:

Select the desired number of legs to play.

Step 7:

Choose the starting opponent (Home or Away)

Step 8:

You are now ready to start your match!

Scoring Basics

IMPORTANT: Record Every Turn!

  • Use “Miss” and “Bust” to record all non-scoring turns.
  • This advances the game to the next player.
  • Accurate 3-dart averages include non-scoring turns.

Scoring ’01

  • Know your turn? Record it and confirm with “Enter
  • Need a little help?  Use the function keys to calculate your turn.
  • Use the “Quick Keys” on the side for common scores.  If you are an experienced player, you can adjust these numbers in “User Settings.”

Correcting an ’01 Scoring Error

  • To edit an incorrect entry, tap “Back/Undo

  • The player and turn to be edited is highlighted in gold
  • Use one of the following edit options:  “Undo / Clear / Insert Miss”
  • To correct other turns, directly tap any score and edit

Scoring Cricket

  • To speed up scoring, DartConnect has dedicated buttons for darts that score double and triple segments.
  • Enter exactly what each dart hits; if you hit a triple, tap the “T” button, if you hit a single, tap the # button and if you hit a double, tap the “D” button.
  • Scoring cricket correctly enables players to track:
    • Miss % = How consistent are you?  Your Miss % will reveal how many of your darts connect with valid targets.
    • Bull & Triple % = Hitting singles may not be enough. Know how well you connect with the high scoring targets.

Correcting a Cricket Scoring Error

  • To edit the last turn, tap “Back/Undo.”

  • The player and turn to be edited is highlighted in Gold
  • Use one of the following edit options: “Undo / Clear / Insert Miss

Correcting Previous Cricket Turns

Caution: Changing prior scores in Cricket may change the score of the game and change the opponent’s strategy on subsequent turns. Some organizations do not allow editing of prior turns.

  • To edit a previous turn, tap “Back/Undo.”

  • Tap “Edit Other Turns” at the top of the screen

  • Choose a recent score to edit, followed by the “Edit Selected Turn” button

  • The score will open up to the selected turn.  Edit as you normally would and tap Enter.

End of Game

  • After recording the winning score, DartConnect will prompt you to record which dart won the leg.
  • This is essential for calculating an accurate Three Dart Average (3DA.)

Managing Your Connections

Your player list has two components: The Match Roster and the Player Library. The library is where you manage all of your contacts – be sure to back it up, anytime you make changes! The roster displays only the players you need for the current match.

Match Roster

Select opponents for each side of the scoreboard.

Tap multiple opponents to play doubles, etc.

Reset picks or tap a player again to deselect them.

Tap the info icon to add a player’s email so he can get a match recap.

Player Library

Access your player library from the roster.

Add, Edit, and Delete players here.

Backup your library anytime you make changes.

Select eligible players for tonight’s match.

Tips for New Users

Find Built-in Help Inside the App

  • Tap the “Info” button to open in-app help displays.

How to Cancel a Game in Progress

To cancel or exit a match, select the “Red & White X” key on the navigation bar and tap “Delete Game.”

How to End a Match Early

  • Access the OPTIONS menu from the control bar (when available), followed by “End & Save Match
  • Note: If in the middle of a live game/leg, you will need to cancel the game first

How to Play vs the Computer

  • Step 1: Click on Select Player button to open “Player Roster” screen.

  • Step 2: Click on vs DartConnect button to open “Player Roster” screen.

  • Step 3: Choose your level of play based on the 3 dart averages provided.

Tip: Use Advanced Match Settings to recreate the match format of your choice when playing the AI

Adaptive Play: When selected DartConnect will adjust its level of difficulty to match your level of play between each leg.

No Delay: DartConnect was designed to simulate a real match play, allowing the player to return and watch DartConnect’s turn. To speed up play you can turn on “No Delay.” Please Note: Turning this on will eliminate players grace period for correcting miss keys, requiring them to edit previous turns after DartConnect’s turn.

Auto Alt Start: This allows DartConnect to automatically start the next game, alternating starts between player and computer.

No Recap Email: Turning this feature on stop a match recap from being emailed to the player. It will however, still show up in the “Match Log” in the member area.

How to Compete Online

IMPORTANT: The Host Player(s) MUST be selected to be listed on the left side of the scoreboard, to enable proper turn sequencing. In addition, reliable WIFI and high quality devices are strongly recommended to ensure a quality experience.

Overview:  An online match consists of the Host Player(s) and the Guest Player(s).

The Host will activate the online option, determine the match format, and select the opponents from their device. The Guest will enter the connect code into their device, to join the match.

Players will take turns scoring their turns. After each leg, the winning player will “Control the Match”. During the match, either player can take control of the scoreboard by utilizing the “Control the Match” feature. This allows a player to assist if they encounter wifi issues

Host Player Instructions

  • Step 1:  Tap the Gray Circle (online indicator) or the “Connect” button.

  • Step 2:  Tap “Compete Online

  • Step 3:  Share the “Connect Code” (Example = 05080) with your opponent.

Guest Player Instructions

  • Select “Guest Connect” from the welcome screen and enter the “Connect Code” before tapping “Continue.

DartConnect Match Finder on Facebook!

Join the Facebook group “DartConnect Match Finder” to find online opponents or have your friends create a free guest account to download the app for online “Guest Play

How to Handicap a Match

  • At the beginning of a match, you will see “HC” at the top of the scoreboard – tap “HC” on the side you wish to apply the handicap
  • For 01 games, enter a higher or lower starting score
  • For Cricket, give one side a head start by adding marks to any number

Basic Troubleshooting

Can’t Install the Scoring Application?

Step 1:  Make sure your device is connected to Wifi, try going to a different website and make sure it loads to test your connection.

Step 2:  Check to make sure your web browser was not in “Private Browsing” or “Incognito” mode when installing the app.

Step 3: If using an Android device make sure you are using Google Chrome and not the native device browser. Download Chrome from the Google Play Store to make sure.

Step 4:  DartConnect is NOT compatible with Microsoft Explorer, Edge and most third party browsers.

Did the Scoring Application Stop Working?

Built-In Refresh Button

Step 1:   Always start by trying to update the browser using the “Refresh” button on the red control bar.

Device Home Buttons

Step 2:   If that does not work, use the device “Home” button. Images for Android and Apple buttons are pictured above.

Step 3:  If the app is still unresponsive, close the application by dismissing it from the open/running applications list, and then reopen.

Need to Reinstall the Scoring Application?

First, make sure you have backed up your player library before reinstalling the app.

If it has been a while since you’ve used DartConnect, you may need to re-install the scoring application to get the latest version.

Step 1: Clear your browser’s History & Cache – Use the directions below based on your device.

Step 2:  Re-install the application.

Step 3:  Don’t forget to save it to your home screen.  Learn how to do this on your…

Safari on Ipad

Open the Settings app on your Home page and tap Safari. Scroll down and tap “Clear History.” You can also clear all cookies and data and set Safari to Private Browsing mode from this screen.

Google Chrome on Ipad

Open your Chrome app and tap the three bars in the top right hand corner. Select Settings from the drop box and click Privacy. From here you can:

  • Clear Browsing History
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear Cookies, Site Data
  • Clear All

Chrome on Android Devices

Step 1:  First up, you need to navigate to Chrome’s Privacy tab by going to Triple Dot menu button > Settings > Privacy.

Step 2:  Once inside the Privacy tab, just tap on the large blue button at the bottom (‘CLEAR BROWSING DATA’). After that, select one or more categories to wipe. Finish the process by tapping on the ‘Clear’ button.

Step 3:  What if you want to only wipe data for a specific site, though? To do so, go back to the root menu, and then Site Settings > All sites. From there, hunt down the offending site you want to lose its all.

Step 4:  Once inside, just tap on the large blue ‘CLEAR & RESET’ button and okay the prompt. All data related to that website, including any previously-granted permissions, will be wiped out and you’ll be able to start clean.

Not Receiving Match Reports?

DartConnect delivers and tracks player performance using email addresses. DartConnect members must use the email that is listed on their membership account. Also check your email’s spam filter for emails from

DartConnect lists all of your matches in the DartConnect Member site Match Log.

In addition, league and tournament matches can be found on DCTV.

Return to the Prior Leg/Game

To access the prior leg to change a score or select a different winner use the following methods. Note: If you have already recorded turns for the next leg, take a picture of the scoreboard or make notes, if you want to recreate the leg without having to replay it.

After a Leg is Finished

During Pre-Game

At Start of Next Leg

While Scoring Current Leg

Advanced Features

Advanced Match Settings

DartConnect has the ability to create almost any match format available. Use the info icon in the application for additional information.

  • Set Play Format – Determine the number of sets you want to play, and then select your format: “Best Of” or “Play All”
  • Legs Format – Select the legs format and how often you need to change the number of legs you are playing for each set
  • Game Menu – Select how often do you need to change the type of game you are playing during a match
  • Player Start – Select how you will determine who starts each leg. Not sure? Choose “Show All Options” to display the full menu after each leg

Customize Your Experience

Access user settings by tapping the gear icon on the red bar.

User settings allow you to customize your scoring experience. Experiment with the various options to find the right balance of short cuts, hints and statistic tracking. A few examples:

  • Celebrate!: Show Notables
  • Stat Geeks: Activate Game 3DA & Track Double Out Attempts
  • Looking for Hints: Cricket Enhancements & ’01 Out Chart
  • Short Cut Options: ’01 Game Finish flights & Pro Quick Keys

Understanding Match Reports

  • Summary – This view shows each game, along with the game score, team 3-dart average, # of darts thrown and the winner of each leg.
  • Game Detail – Turn by turn documentation of turns for each leg.
  • Player Performance – Breakdown of individual player performance, even when playing doubles, triples, etc.
  • Match Counts – A breakdown of the quantities of scoring.
  • My DCA – Link to your 3 Month Performance “snap shot” at the Member Site.



  • Use the up and down arrows to quickly jump to the top or bottom of the Leaderboard.

  • The legend, located at the bottom of the page, provides you with all of the player metric definitions.

Menus & Filters

Selecting & Sorting

  • Performance Metrics: Use left and right arrow keys to change metrics

  • Default Sorting: is based on 3DA

  • Change Performance Rankings: Select any column heading to sort by preferred performance metric.

  • Find Competitors: Click on “Player” to alphabetically sort by competitor

Highlighting & Grouping Players

Pro Tip for League Players: Use the third section (Player) to sort players by team name for easy highlighting!

  • Select “Check Mark” next to players you would like to highlight.
  • By tapping “Group Players” button, competitors will be pinned to the top of all rankings.

  • Tap “Ungroup” to have players return to their ranked position while remaining highlighted.
  •  Clear grouping and highlighting by tapping the “White Circle with X

Graphing & Match Reports

  • Tap “Matches Played” number to show match listing and 3DA Graph.

Manage Your Account (Member Site)

Renew or Extend Your Membership

  • Select “Memberships” to purchase a renewal or extension.

Change Your Password

  • Select “My Profile” to change your password

  • Scroll down to the “Change Your Password” box and create a new password

Add an Email Address to Your Profile

Pro Tip: Adding an email address will make sure that your account is credited with match stats whenever either address is used in a player roster, such as for event check-in or league season pass.

  • Select “My Profile” to add an email address to your account

  • Scroll to the “Your Email Addresses” box and input a new email or switch your primary email address.
  • Adding an email address will allow you to use that email for league, a tournament or on someone else’s DartConnect and still have the stats added to your account
  • Note: Adding an email will require you to click the link inside a confirmation email in order to complete the process

Access Your Match Log

  • Select “Match Log” from the top navigation to view your past matches.

Check Your MyDCA

  • MyDCA stands for “My DartConnect Average” and is a snapshot of your last 3 months of play showing your performance trend over that period
  • Access MyDCA from the top left section of the member’s site
  • Review your DartConnect Average.

DartConnect Videos

Scoring x01

Editing x01

How to Use the Player Library

How to Broadcast Your Match on DCTV

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