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PDC Player Cards!

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VideoConnect 2.0 Is Here!

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A Better Connection

VideoConnect gave online players the option of having a unified desktop experience OR the convenience of using separate devices for Video and Scoring, while connecting players effortlessly.

The dramatic increase in online darts challenged our original architecture and compromised the service for some. The team worked overtime this weekend to upgrade the hardware and interface to provide users with a better experience.

What’s New?

Updated User Interface

More than just a fresh coat of paint! In addition to the updated look and feel, we’ve improved VC’s interface to provide users with better information on their connection status and device compatibility.

Try It With Your Next Online Match

  • More reliable connections
  • Option to suppress camera & microphone permissions
  • Ability to resize desktop split-screen
  • Built-In WiFi speed test

The new Match List confirms your match status and helps identify connected opponents.

VideoConnect calls must now be started manually instead of starting automatically. To start a video call, click “Start VC” when it appears:


Expanded Browser Support

We’ve expanded browser support to include Firefox and Microsoft Edge, and optimized how VC handles camera and microphone permission settings.

Tired of Safari constantly asking for camera & microphone permissions?

See VC’s built-in help info for turning off these annoying notifications.

Special Thanks

We appreciate the support and feedback that members have provided, especially those who reached out and shared their experiences which guided us to the right solutions.  We are grateful for your help!

Special thanks to our technical lead, Richard, who led the DartConnect Team through weekend overtime hours to make this update available in record time.

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive darting platform available and look forward to seeing you online!

Tell Us What You Think

Have a suggestion?  Found a bug?


The DartConnect Team

2021 PDC Qualifying School

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Follow every twist and turn of this unique event as players pursue their dreams of playing on the PDC ProTour.