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Top 5 Scorekeeping Pro Tips for Tournament Play

Singles 501 is the dominant format for tournaments around the world, especially for WDF ranking events and professional competitions.

Sharpen your skills with these top tricks from the world’s most experienced DartConnect scorekeepers.

Pro Tip #1
Shortcut Flights

Tap the gray flight that matches the dart that hit the winning double instead of entering the finishing score.

Pro Tip #2
Rapid Score Entry

Watch this video all the way to the end for a “secret” method of entering the remaining score at the end of a leg.

Pro Tip #3
Correct ANY Score

Directly tap on ANY previous score to correct an error.

Pro Tip #4

Screen frozen or not responding? Tap the “refresh” icon.

Pro Tip #5
Save The Match!

When the match is over, make sure you save it to send the result back to the control desk and to receive the email match recap.

Practice With The Scoring App Demo!

Experience scoring a tournament match to learn how to keep score, correct mistakes and more.

VideoConnect 2.0 Is Here!

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More than just a fresh coat of paint! In addition to the updated look and feel, we’ve improved VC’s interface to provide users with better information on their connection status and device compatibility.

New Updated Quick Keys for 01

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DartConnect users will notice some changes to the app’s quick keys for scoring 01 games.

Below are the new number layouts for Basic, Advanced and Master Quick Keys. The biggest change is larger buttons for the big scores of 100 and 140, which also allows 2 additional quick keys to replace them in the margins.  When the keypad is used, the large keys will disappear and reveal the “+, – and 0” keys.

Quick Key sets can be changed in the user settings by tapping the gear icon.

Basic Quick Keys

Advanced Quick Keys

Master Quick Keys

VIDEO: Pro Tip – 01 Rapid Score Entry


DartConnect’s quick keys and one tap remainder make it the fastest way to enter scores for 01 games.

Cricket Scoring: The “D” and “T” Buttons Are NOT Shortcuts!


Possibly the most misunderstood feature of the DartConnect app is how to properly use the “D” and “T” buttons when scoring a game of cricket.  “D” stands for “Doubles” and “T” for Triples.

A lot of people incorrectly assume that these buttons are “shortcuts”, meaning if you hit three singles of the same number, a single tap of the “T” button is all you need, and the same idea for the “D” button. While this has no affect on the main cricket stat, Marks Per Round (MPR), this will not allow for DartConnect’s unique advanced cricket stats:  Missed Dart Percentage and Triple Accuracy.

The correct way to score cricket using DartConnect is to tap the buttons that EXACTLY match what your darts hit.  For example, when you hit a triple, tap the respective “T” button and when you hit a double, tap the respective “D” button. If you hit a single, then tap the respective number button.  Let’s say you hit three singles, the correct input is three taps of the number button.  Including “Enter”, this means you will tap the scoreboard a maximum of 4 times to enter your score.

DartConnect’s Unique Cricket Stats

While Marks Per Round is the most common measurement for cricket skill, DartConnect provides advanced statistics made possible by entering scores correctly:

Missed Dart Percentage – quite simply, this measures how often your darts don’t count towards your score. This can be a great way to measure accuracy and improvement over time.

Triple Accuracy – you could loosely consider this the cricket equivalent of “100+ scores” in 01 stats as it indicates the extent to which you are a “heavy scorer” and is a great augment to round out your MPR.

Both of these stats can provide a better understanding of where you excel and where you need improvement.  Better yet, data collection is completely automated.

All you have to do is keep score and DartConnect does the rest!

Get DartConnect for Home & Personal Use – 3 Easy Steps


The official scorekeeping app used by the PDC and Darts Organizations around the world can be yours!

Want to start using DartConnect but not sure how to get started?

Follow these 3 simple steps to quickly create a DartConnect Premium Membership and install the app to your tablet,  mobile phone or PC.


First, create a DartConnect Guest Account by submitting your email address

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