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2020 League Survey – Download the Executive Summary

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To create conversations and share creative strategies and solutions for securing the future of steel tip darts, DartConnect conducted a survey of its member leagues around the world to see how they are coping with the global pandemic.

New WDF Virtual Cup Launched For 2020

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This Fall the WDF will crown the first ever International Men’s and Women’s Virtual Cup Champions!

While Covid-19 has brought in-person competitions to a halt around the world, the WDF is embracing online darts to provide international players with more opportunities to represent their country on the global darts stage.

Men’s & Women’s Virtual Cup Online Singles Championship

27 September – 01 November 2020

2 Men & 2 Women from each member country

To provide more opportunities for global competition

To bridge the absence of canceled events around the world, the WDF has partnered with DartConnect to bring a new online cup competition to WDF member countries.  The tournament will take place from 27 September – 01 November.

The tournament will be entirely run on DartConnect’s innovative Digital Steel competition software and scorekeeping app.  This is the same system used at WDF-sanctioned competitions around the world, including the 2019 WDF World Cup in Romania.

Member countries may select 2 men & 2 women to compete in this inaugural event. All matches will be played online over a five week period starting with regional round-robin group play followed by a championship knockout round.

Power up your practice with DartConnect – Tungsten Tale’s Tech Special Part 3 / 3

Tungsten Tales host, Chris “Mace the Ace” Mason, sits down with Founder David Macher for an in-depth look at DartConnect 

Part 3 of a 3-part series — in this episode you will learn:

  • How DartConnect is the perfect practice partner, ready whenever and wherever you want to play
  • How to use the “Guest Connect” feature to play online matches against friends who live anywhere
  • Handicapping games to increase the challenge with any level opponent
  • How DartConnect’s 12-level computer opponent can simulate a real life match
  • Bonus!  Chris Mason’s secret handicapping formula

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PDC Autumn Series Picks Up Where Summer Series Left Off

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Following the success of the Summer Series held in early July, the PDC has scheduled the Autumn Series in Germany for 12-16 September.  These five one-day events are a continuation of the Players Championship Tour and provide ranking points and qualification chances for the Grand Slam and World Grand Prix.  Plans for a Winter Series in the UK should be finalized soon.

The Summer Series showcased the world’s top 128 professionals playing behind closed doors inside the PDC “bubble” created at the Milton Keynes arena. Due to virus-related regulations, players were required to keep score for their fellow players if they lost and many players were thankful to DartConnect for making it a stress-free job.

Details surrounding the new Autumn and Winter series’ will be forthcoming as the requirements for coping with Covid-19 restrictions are ever evolving and the venue moves from the UK to Germany for the September events.

In addition to video streaming on PDCTV, live scores and results for every match will be shown on DartConnect TV.

To see all the results and player performance stats from the Summer Series – Click Here.

Featured matches streamed on PDCTV:

Check out the PDC channel on DCTV for live events, results, player stats and more:

World #3 Gerwyn Price marks a match for Stephen “The Bullet” Bunting at the Summer Series

Why does the PDC use DartConnect? Tungsten Tales takes a closer look – Part 2 / 3


Tungsten Tales host, Chris “Mace the Ace” Mason, sits down with Founder David Macher for an in-depth look at DartConnect 

Part 2 of a 3-part series — in this episode you will learn:

  • How the PDC is using DartConnect to track player performance and allow a whole new way for fans to follow their favorite players
  • How the DartConnect platform, including DCTV, is an invaluable tool for broadcasters, analysts and statisticians
  • How to use the player performance leaderboards and stats as a guide for serious training and development
  • The many surprises that some statistics can reveal

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Attn: UK Amateur Dart Players


To: UK Amateur Super League and County Players

Monday 20 July 2020

A message from the founder of DartConnect:

For the last several years we have enjoyed working with the PDC, making floor matches available to fans and friends around the world. Our recent experience with the WDF at the World Cup in Romania, various European competitions and the Scottish Open had us looking forward to the Welsh Open and beyond.

Then the current health crisis disrupted the game of darts everywhere.

This appears to have also contributed to the uncertainty of the future of County and Super League play in the UK. Our mission is to make the game more accessible to everyone and we are ready to accommodate all levels of play, in whatever capacity is appropriate. We fully respect and support whatever direction the counties and players elect for the future of UK darts.

We will enter into formal conversations with the organization(s) that are selected to represent the future of UK darts. As always, DartConnect is open to discussing opportunities that involve system integration and data sharing. In the meantime, to learn more about the DartConnect services and pricing, please visit

We look forward to returning to in-person darts as quickly and safely as possible.

David Macher
CEO and Founder

New Updated Quick Keys for 01

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DartConnect users will notice some changes to the app’s quick keys for scoring 01 games.

Below are the new number layouts for Basic, Advanced and Master Quick Keys. The biggest change is larger buttons for the big scores of 100 and 140, which also allows 2 additional quick keys to replace them in the margins.  When the keypad is used, the large keys will disappear and reveal the “+, – and 0” keys.

Quick Key sets can be changed in the user settings by tapping the gear icon.

Basic Quick Keys

Advanced Quick Keys

Master Quick Keys

VIDEO: Pro Tip – 01 Rapid Score Entry


DartConnect’s quick keys and one tap remainder make it the fastest way to enter scores for 01 games.

PDC Live Darts Returns At Last

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PDC Summer SeriesHeld within the “Bubble” concept that all professional sports have been forced to implement, the PDC ProTour is finally back from its Coronavirus hiatus and DartConnect will be there with full LIVE coverage.

Five straight days of competition, dubbed the “Summer Series,” faces the biggest changes in the tour’s history as play resumes with strict social distancing measures. Staff markers will be absent to reduce occupancy, resulting in players marking games for one another with DartConnect.

This means the players themselves will be responsible for feeding the live scoreboards to fans on DartConnect TV, another ProTour first.

The PDC Summer Series
08-12 June 2020
Milton Keynes, UK
Daily Start Time: 1100 GMT / 1200 BST


First Ever PDC Markers’ Charity Cup Goes Online

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Darts from home with the world’s best scorekeepers.

This weekend members of Professional Darts Corporation’s official scorekeeping staff will participate in the first ever “Markers’ Charity Cup” to benefit the WHO’s Covid-19 Global Response Fund.

They bring you LIVE scores from the ProTour – now it’s their turn at the oche!

The tournament will be the first official charity event run remotely using Digital Steel, DartConnect’s tournament system optimized to work with the scoring app’s online play features.  Players will play from their home boards while staff leader, Mem Martin, runs the entire competition from her home office.

PDC Markers’ Charity Cup

Held Saturday – 13 June 2020 / 1200 GMT

Match Reports, Stats, Results & More!

Join us in supporting the cause & contribute today!


PDC Markers’ Charity Cup Champion:


Scenes From the Day!

DartConnect’s Role in the Future of Darts


“Get More People, to Play More Darts, More Often”

– The DartConnect Mission Statement

A special message from the founder of DartConnect

Since our official launch in February 2013, our goal has been to make the game of steel-tip darts more accessible to everyone.

While there can be competing agendas within the sport, we believe the true challenge for darts lies in the multitude of activities that compete for consumer’s time and mindshare. Never in history have there been so many entertainment and sporting options.

However, if we achieve our Mission Statement, EVERYONE benefits, including:

  • Governing Bodies
  • Amateur Leagues & Tournaments
  • The Professional Game
  • Equipment Manufacturers & Retailers
  • And Most Importantly: Current and Future Players

We stand committed to providing the highest level of service and product innovation to anyone who is willing to make the effort to run a competition, volunteer for a board position, or simply promote the game at their local pub. DartConnect does not engage in exclusive league/tournament service agreements with any organization.

By connecting people through the game of darts, we create a growing community that is capable of great things, including raising over $15,500 USD for those affected by the current health crisis. We invite every organization to contact us to discuss how we can collaborate to grow the sport and be well positioned for the post-pandemic world, when in-person competition resumes.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to explore our evolving online options as a means of keeping the community connected.

Stay safe,

David Macher
CEO & Founder