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2021 PDC Qualifying School

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Follow every twist and turn of this unique event as players pursue their dreams of playing on the PDC ProTour.

2020 DartConnect Tablet Buyer’s Guide – Black Friday & Cyber Monday




Take advantage of this year’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday for the best deal on a new tablet for DartConnect. Holiday deal guides are posted below and will be updated over time.

Keep reading for advice on what to look for, what NOT to buy and links to our top recommendations and the hottest deals.

NOTE: Tablets recommended here are intended for use with the DartConnect scorekeeping app and not other services such as video or audio for online matches which require more modern equipment.

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New Updated Quick Keys for 01

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DartConnect users will notice some changes to the app’s quick keys for scoring 01 games.

Below are the new number layouts for Basic, Advanced and Master Quick Keys. The biggest change is larger buttons for the big scores of 100 and 140, which also allows 2 additional quick keys to replace them in the margins.  When the keypad is used, the large keys will disappear and reveal the “+, – and 0” keys.

Quick Key sets can be changed in the user settings by tapping the gear icon.

Basic Quick Keys

Advanced Quick Keys

Master Quick Keys

VIDEO: Pro Tip – 01 Rapid Score Entry


DartConnect’s quick keys and one tap remainder make it the fastest way to enter scores for 01 games.