DartConnect and American Darts Organization (ADO) Announce Strategic Partnership

National Performance Leaderboards Will Track All Players From Qualifiers and National Finals Powered by DartConnect

Boston, MA — DartConnect and the American Darts Organization (ADO) have partnered to collaborate on technology, programs and competitions to promote and grow the sport of darts in the United States. New annual performance leaderboards will be published to track player performances from both regional and national competitions throughout the United States.

Players participating in ADO sanctioned events and qualifiers will now be able to track their individual performances throughout the year, enabling players to understand their competencies across multiple metrics. For the first time, players nationwide, who never compete in the same events, can reference common benchmarks, in the quest to Perfect their Game™.

DartConnnect’s industry-leading solution streamlines all aspects of event management, including player registration, event draws, bracket progression and results reporting, all while providing a best-in-class player experience.

David Macher, CEO & Founder of DartConnect: “Our mission statement, from day one, has been to “Get more people, to play more darts, more often”. Our partnership with ADO will make the sport more accessible and streamline the management of the national ranking system. We look forward to supporting competition organizers across the country in providing a consistent, first-class experience for both participants and stakeholders.”

Matt Stoner, ADO Vice President: “Starting with the National Cricket and 501 Championships, the ADO is excited to introduce National Leaderboards dedicated to ADO competitions! Working with DartConnect is fantastic news for all darters in the US as we continue to make huge advancements with their revolutionary technology.”

Start running your regional qualifiers and ADO-sanctioned tournaments on DartConnect!


About DartConnect

DartConnect is the pioneering darts platform, using technology to make the game more accessible for competition organizers, players and fans at all levels. Launched in 2014, DartConnect has been providing services for tournaments, leagues & players, for both online and in-person environments.

About the American Darts Organization (ADO)

The American Darts Organization (ADO) was founded to grow and promote the sport of darts in the United States, providing an annual national ranking system and national championship competitions. As an affiliate of the World Darts Federation (WDF), the ADO oversees player qualification and team selection for international competitions, including the WDF World Championships held in England.